It was 241 years ago today, that our nation declared its independence from tyranny and in particular: taxation without representation.

A lot has changed since then, but the American attitude to be independent, perhaps fiercely independent, has remained true and has only grown greater with time. 

We're convinced that each one of you are examples of American Independence. From the driver to the designer, every single member we've learned from has kept us focused on the mission to make self-employment easier, more stable, and rewarding.

Independence Day seems fitting to let our members know first of some exciting changes coming to Track that will help you become more independent.

Withholding enough for taxes (so you don't spend what you owe) is only the first chapter. In the next few weeks, Track will make it easier for you to deduct your business expenses so you can pay less in taxes, and keep more of what you worked so hard to earn. 

Later this summer we'll start adding other perks and benefits that have typically been reserved only for regular employees. This will include access to more affordable health insurance plans, higher contribution retirement accounts, and eventually even helping you find more work when you need it most.

Track was founded by freelancers, for freelancers...and consultants, contractors, business owners and independent workers. 

No matter what you call yourself, we're convinced that more and more Americans will be working for themselves and we believe all deserve their own HR department to do the busywork for them so they can focus on the real work that pays.

If you're interested in getting early access to these new features, perks and benefits, simply chat with us here or reply to any email from us!

It's a true honor to serve you as you build your business into something that matters to you and that you count on for your livelihood. 

Independently yours,

The Track Team
Trent, Alex, Chris, Holly & Frak

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