The easiest way to keep up with your self-employment (1099) finances is to do a little bit at a time (instead of doing it all at 11:00 pm on April 15th!). Fortunately, you're in good hands. Track analyzes all of your deposits in your connected account(s) and uses machine learning to automatically categorize your self-employment income. 

When Track detects 1099 income
We will send you an email with an estimate of the taxes owed, and let you withhold for the taxes with one click! 

What if I want withholding to be more automatic?
You're in luck! Track also provides the option to have your withholdings automatically withheld when 1099 income is detected. You'll still receive an email informing you of the withholding amount, giving you the ability to stop the withholding transfer for any reason. Visit our Withholding FAQ to read all about auto-withholding.

You can also be notified after every deposit into your connected account
If you prefer, you can update your settings to be notified every time new deposit occurs into your connected account(s). This setting is ideal for someone who wants to control all aspects of their finances. Unfortunately this option is not available for members using Auto-Withholding.

You can change your notifications and withholding preference in your Track account on the "Withholding Preferences" page.

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