Congratulations on taking your first steps toward tax preparedness! 

Self-Saver is dedicated to being an easy-to-use tool for the self-employed, but even the simplest of tools can use some instructions.


Step 1: Create an Account

Get started with Self-Saver by creating an account here. Our onboarding questions are designed to help Self-Saver calculate your taxes accurately.

Step 2: Sync Your Bank Account

Now that you’ve created your Self-Saver account, you’re ready to sync your bank account here

If you have multiple bank accounts for self-employment, you can add them too. 

Step 3: Review Your Self-Employment Income

Once you have synced your bank account, Self-Saver will automatically flag income that appears to be self-employment income. 

Self-Saver makes it easy to review your self-employment income, as well as manually add additional income that may have been missed (or was not deposited on your synced bank account). 

Review your self-employment income here

> If you see an entry that is not income, click delete.

> If you have multiple sources of income, you can click “No, this not self-employment income.” This will allow other income to be properly categorized for future bookkeeping. 

Step 4: Start Withholding

With your self-employed income organized, it's time to withhold!

Head to the Income tab here and click “withhold” to withhold the suggested federal, state and self-employment taxes from your self-employment income.

Step 5: Verify Your Identity and ACH Info

To complete your tax withholdings you must verify your identity and provide your ACH info for Self-Saver to securely place the tax withholdings in an FDIC-insured savings account. Verify your identity and ACH info here.

Your withholdings will be stored in the FDIC-insured account until it is time for Self-Saver to submit the quarterly payment to the IRS each quarter. 

Step 6: Manage Your Expenses

It’s time to organize and itemize your expenses. It is important to review and deduct business expenses for a more accurate tax calculation. 

Go to your expenses page here

> Manually review the expenses populated by Self-Saver. 

> You can also manually add expenses that were not added.

> Keep your expenses organized by categorizing them. 

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