Congratulations on taking your first steps toward tax preparedness! 

Self-Saver is dedicated to being an easy-to-use tool for the self-employed, but even the simplest of tools can use some instructions. Lucky for you we have created a setup guide that makes the self-employment tax process simple and easy. 

These 3 easy steps will assist you with setting up your Self-Saver account correctly and to your preference. Visit the summary page and click “Complete Setup”. 

Here’s a breakdown of each setup section:

  1. Determine how much you need to save on taxes – You can input your tax rate if you know it, or you can allow us to determine it by providing tax information.
  2. Choose how you would like your income detected – You can manually input your income or connect an account.
  3. Decide how your taxes are set aside – You can setup a withholding account to store your taxes each quarter, and send to the IRS. 

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