Self-Saver is a program of AARP Foundation, powered by Track, that aims to assist the self-employed 50+ in achieving financial independence and security.  

Self-Saver achieves this by allowing you to track your 1099 income and expenses, so you can withhold and submit your estimated quarterly taxes with ease. Self-Saver is powered by Track, a secure provider of tax management technology and platforms.

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AARP Foundation is the non-profit arm of AARP who's mission is to serve vulnerable people 50 and older by creating and advancing effective solutions that help them secure the essentials.

AARP Foundation's approach is to operate at the intersection of collaboration, innovation, legal advocacy and grantmaking, bring together industry, government, activists, and volunteers to forge practical approaches that pair brainpower with some serious willpower.

AARP Foundation does not collect or access your personal information as part of the Self-Saver program. For further information about AARP Foundation’s privacy policy, please see our privacy policy.

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Founded in 2015, Track’s mission is to help people become more independent by making it extraordinarily easier to be self-employed. Today, more than 50 million Americans have to find and figure out their own benefits. We exist to close that painful benefits gap between employees and the self-employed, so America’s independent workers can focus on the real work that matters instead of the HR busywork that gets in the way. We're an ambitious, tight-knit team driven to rewrite the rules of work.

Track’s first product is, the easiest way for the self-employed to have their taxes automatically handled for them. Track leverages carefully considered behavioral science, design, and AI to recreate the tax withholding experience regular employees take for granted, so independent workers never spend what they owe.

Track is proud to partner with AARP Foundation Self-Saver to bring financial security to the 50+ self-employed community.

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