Why do I need to connect my bank account?
Track makes your life simple by automatically importing transactions from your bank account. 

What if I don't want to connect my bank account?
After years of handling people's taxes we've found the best way to simplify your self-employment tax responsibility is to make it automatic. Track works by connecting your bank account and automatically syncing your transactions, doing the work of categorizing transactions so you don't have to!

Some of my transactions are missing or delayed, why?
Banks sometimes change their systems without informing us. When this happens we may temporarily lose the ability to pull your most recent financial transactions. These problems normally resolve themselves in a few days, so you'll have to be patient until the issue is fixed. If a week passes and your transactions still aren't showing up, you can manually add the missing transactions in the Track app. Check to see if your bank is experiencing connection issues.

Some of my older transactions are missing, what's happening?
Banks put limits on how far back we can pull transactions - for some financial institutions it's 18 months, for some it's only one month. It is entirely dependent on what your bank allows us to access. It's important to note that when you initially connect your bank account with Track, it can take up to 24 hours for us to pull all of the available transactions.

Is it safe?
Yes - Track uses SSL to encrypt your information in transit, and bank grade encryption to store your information at rest. Read more about Track's security.

What happens to my data?
Your login credentials are only used to connect to your bank and are not stored on our servers. Your transaction information is stored in our servers to assist in tracking your personal taxes. Your personal data will never be shared with 3rd parties. 

Do I need a business account, or a dedicated income account?
No, a business account is not necessary. Track can sync with a business/personal or savings/checking account. Our system will attempt to identify your 1099 income automatically, and you can manually categorize any transactions appropriately. 

Can I also connect the Credit Card I use for business expenses?
Sure! Track provides integrations with multiple credit card vendors as well. Manage your integrations in the "Banks & Credit Cards" page in the app.

How far back does the transaction data go?Your transaction data is limited to what your banking institution allows us to access. In some cases it can be up to 18 months, in other cases it's only 30 days.

Can I change the bank that's connected with Track?
Absolutely! You can manage your connected accounts inside the Integrations section of the "Banks & Credit Cards" page in the app

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