What is Track?

Track calculates, withholds and files quarterly payments on your self-employment taxes. You can read more about:

Who is Track for?

Track is built for freelancers, independent contractors, self-employed and anyone else who receives 1099 income.

How do I get started?

Visit our website and click "Sign Up" to sign up!

I use an accountant, is that okay?

Definitely! You can download everything your accountant will need to prepare your annual tax filing right from your Track account.

How do I begin withholding for my self-employment taxes?

When you first sign up you'll be guided through the steps necessary to set up withholdings. Once you're set up, we’ll notify you when we find new income deposited into your personal bank account and ask if you would like to withhold. With your permission, we will withhold the taxes owed on your self-employment income. A more detailed explanation of how tax withholdings work can be found here.

Do you calculate state income taxes?

Yes! We include your state income taxes owed when making tax calculations, and let you withhold that amount as well. When it comes time to file your end of year taxes, we'll return your withheld funds to you.

Can I set aside some money for taxes, but maybe not the full or exact amount?

Yes. Track provides a withholding suggestions on each of your 1099 income transactions - you can choose to withhold for any (or none) of these transactions. More details relating to tax withholding can be found here.

Why do you sync with my personal bank account?

Track saves you time by syncing the transactions in your personal bank account (or credit card account) you connect. We look for self-employment income deposits to track and notify you about any taxes you owe. We also allow you to review all your expenses to be able to categorize and deduct any business related expenses so you can lower your tax bill!

Can I get my money out?

Yes, you can have your withholdings returned prior to the quarterly payment date. Read more about the specifics of tax withholding with Track here.

Is Track a bank?

No, Track never holds your money and you are always the legal owner of your money. Track's banking provider is Synapse. Funds are held by Synapse's bank partners, Members FDIC. These funds are held in an account under Track's name, for your benefit. 

Is my information safe?

We use bank-grade encryption and SSL connections to keep all of your data secure at rest and in transit, so you can rest assured that your information is safe. Read more about our security policies here.

What if I have a problem with my withholdings or money movement? 

Bank services are provided through our banking software provider, SynapseFI. To report a complaint relating to the bank services, email help@synapsefi.com.

Want to read the fine print?
You can read our terms of service.

Still have questions? We're here to help!

Email us at support@track.tax

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